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Content is the key to qualification! Our content marketing services overview:


  • Create Buyer personas

  • Content Audit

  • Repurpose content assets

  • Create a Lead Magnet with form

  • Email copy

  • Stay up to date with buyer persona challenges and goals to create up to date, relevant content

Content Marketing

Steps to Launching Great Content

Create a Lead Magnet

We will create a high converting lead magnet that will convert your website traffic to loyal subscribers with highly converting sales copy formula!

Connect From to Email

We will connect your form to your email campaign so that your subscribers will 

Email Outreach

We will work with you to generate high quality, value-based email copy for your email subscribers!

Buyer personas

We work with you to uncover the most relevant buyer personas. We will help you understand your buyer persona’s biggest business challenges and goals!

Content Audit

Your company may have many content assets that we could use for a content marketing campaign, our job is to help you identify the most suitable digital assets for the campaign!

Repurpose content assets

Once we’ve finished the content audit, it’s now time to determine which assets are suitbale and which assets will need to be repurposed to another format so that the assets have a higher chance of conversion based on the platform. We can help you repurpose FAQ’s and turn them into e-books, we can repurpose and written content and repurpose the content to an infographic or even a video!

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